33×50 house plan 3bhk with car parking in 1650 square feet

New 33×50 house plan 3BHK made in 1650 square feet plot. Its size is 33 feet X 50 feet (W X L) with a north-facing road. This single-floor house plan is made by a team of expert architects with experience of 10+ years.

We will now look at the details of all the dimensions of the house plan built in this plot.


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33×50 house plan 3bhk single floor in 1650 sq ft with car parking:

33x50 house plan

This 33 x 50 house has a 9 feet wide main gate. Once inside, you get a parking space. Its size is 12’0 “X 15’2” sq ft. In which we can park the car. This is followed by a 4 feet wide verandah.

You enter the living room through the main door which is 15’6 ‘x 11’6” sq ft. Next to the living room is a staircase leading to the terrace floor.

The stairs are 3’0 ‘wide. In front of the steps, you are provided with a toilet (4’X 4 ‘) bathroom (7’X 4’).
The plan includes a 15’4 “x10’0” square foot kitchen on the ground floor.

In this 3 BHK plan, you are provided with a separate bathroom and toilet. The size of the bathroom is 7’0 ” x 4’0 ” square feet and the size of the toilet is 4’0 ” x7’0 ” square feet. In addition, a washbasin has been installed outside. You are given a separate wash area behind the kitchen. Its size is large.

In front of the KITCHEN, you can enter the bedroom which is given the size of 11’6 “x 11’6” sq ft. Immediately after that, you can enter 2 bedrooms. One bedroom is 11’6 ”x12’6” square feet and the other bedroom is 12’0″ x 12’6 ” square feet. This is the master bedroom and Its size is 7×4 sq ft.


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  Let us now understand this as a planning area:

Area Details Size In Sq.Ft. In Sq.mtr.
Total Plot Area 33X50 1650.00 153.34
Total built up area 1188.26 110.43
Super built up area 1526.00 141.82
Wash area 24×10 240.00 22.30
Parking area 180.00 16.72

Now, let’s understand the schedules of the opening of this plan:

       Details Sign Size (In Sq mtr) Remark
I.T.W. DOOR D 1.22 X 2.10 Main Door
I.T.W. DOOR D1 0.090X2.10 All  Door
Solid flush Door D2 0.750X2.10 Toilet And Bathroom
Aluminum Window W 1.52 X 1.22 windows
Concrete Ventilator V 0.60X0.60 Ventilator


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