32×52 3bhk house plan with car parking in 1664 square feet

The new 32×52 3BHK house plan is given in a 1664 square feet plot which is north facing. And this plot is given a road. We will now look at the details of all the dimensions of the house plan built in this plot.


32x 52 3bhk house plan with car parking in 1664 square feet:


32x52 house plan
32×52 house plan with car parking

This 3BHK house has a 9 feet wide main gate. Once inside, you get a parking space. It has a shape of 14’3 “X 14’0” sq ft. In which we can park a car.

After that, you get 4 feet wide OTA. Through the main door, you enter the living room which is 15’5’x 12’0 ” sq ft. Next to the living room is a staircase leading to the terrace floor.

The stairs are 3’0 ‘wide. In front of the stairs, you are given a bedroom. Its size is 11’1 “x 10’6” sq ft. And it has just been given a toilet. Its size is 7’6 “x 4’6” sq ft.

The plan includes a 10’6 “x10’0” square feet kitchen on the ground floor. In this 3 BHK plan, you are provided with a separate bathroom and toilet. The size of the bathroom is 8’1 ” x 5’8 ” sq ft and the size of the toilet is 4’0 ” x4’6 ” square feet.


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In addition, a washbasin has been installed outside. You are given a separate wash area behind the kitchen. Its size is large.

After a short walk, you can enter 3 bedrooms. The size of a one-bedroom is 13’6 ” x 10’6 ” square feet and the size of the other bedroom is 13’6 ” x 10’0 ” square feet. This is the master bedroom.


Now let’s understand this plan as an area:


 In square feetIn square meter
Total plot Area 32’0’’X 52’0’’ =1664 154.64
Built up Area1115103.66
Super Built up area1420.65 132.03
Garden Area 363.34
Wash Area605.59


Now, let’s understand the schedules of opening of this plan:


       Details Sign Size (In Sq mtr) Remark
I.T.W. DOOR D 1.22 X 2.10 Main Door
I.T.W. DOOR D1 0.090X2.10 All  Door
Solid flush Door D2 0.750X2.10 Toilet And Bathroom
Aluminum Window W 1.52 X 1.22 windows
Concrete Ventilator V 0.60X0.60 Ventilator


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