30*35 House Plan With 3D Front Elevation Design In 1050 sq ft

30*35 house plan is the perfect 2 bedroom house plan for a single floor with its 3D front elevation design and attractive color combinations.

The total plot area of this 30×35 3d front elevation design is 1050 square feet which is offered by our client in which, the concept of a 2 BHK house is provided. We are also showing elevation and 3D interior cut sections.

This is a new 2 BHK of 1050 sq ft home design and plan for a south-facing plot.  This 40×40 2bhk house plan with front elevation design is also perfect for people having a plot area around 1500 sq ft.


Let’s look at the details of the house plan and design with all the dimensions:


30*35 2bhk south facing house plan with pooja room & 3D interior cut section:


30*35 2bhk house plan
30×35 2bhk south facing house plan with pooja room

There is a road on one side of this 2 BHK house. The main gate of this house is 5 feet wide. There is a parking area in front which is given in 10’6 ‘X8’10’ square feet total area.

The parking area is small in which 1 bike can be comfortably parked. You can also call it the front seat outside the porch or veranda. Also, see this 1000 sq ft 3bhk house plan in 25×40 square feet.

This 2 BHK house plan has a living room which is 14’0’X14’6”sq.ft. The staircase is provided in the living hall to go to the first floor. There is also a Pooja room.

Next to it is a 10’9 “x 12’0” square foot kitchen. No-wash area space provided.

In this 2 BHK plan, you are offered a bathroom and toilet together. Size 7’6 ” x 6 ” 6 ” sq ft and outside washbasin has been installed.

After a short walk, you enter the bedroom. The size of the bedroom is 14’2 “x 12’0” square feet and the size of the other bedrooms is 14’0 “x 12’0” square feet. This is also the best 750 sq ft 2 bedroom house plan.


1050 sq ft 2bhk house plan 3D cut section:

30*35 house plan 3d front elevation design
1050 sq ft house plan 3d interior cut section in 30×35 square feet

Now let’s understand this plan as an area:


 In square feetIn square meter
Total plot area30x35=1050 sq ft95.58 sqm
Built up area917 sq ft85.22 sqm
Super built up area1050 sq ft95.58 sqm


Now, let’s understand the schedules of the opening of this plan:


       Details Sign Size (In Sqmtr) Remark
I.T.W. DOOR D 1.22 X 2.10 Main Door
I.T.W. DOOR D1 0.090X2.10 All  Door
Solid flush Door D2 0.750X2.10 Toilet And Bathroom
Aluminium Window W 1.52 X 1.22 windows
Concrete Vetilator V 0.60X0.60 Ventilator


30 feet by 35 feet 3D front Elevation design (Outer View Of Building) with different exterior color combinations:


30x35 house front elevation design
30×35 house front elevation design in 1050 sq ft

Perfect single floor house 3D front elevation design in 30×35 square feet plot with 2 bedrooms south facing. If you want to build a 2 bedroom south facing house in under 1050 sq ft area, then this could be perfect for you.


1050 sq ft house exterior color combinations:

1050 sq ft house front elevation design
1050 sq ft house front elevation exterior colors

This is the same front elevation design of this 30×35 west-facing house plan with pooja room Indian style in different color combinations. The perfect elevation for you if you like the bluish colors.

If you also want a new home plan or home design, you can contact us.

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