1400 sq ft west facing house plan 3 bedroooms

Here we have posted a new scenario of the single-story west-facing house in 2D concepts. This new 2D house floor plan is made in a 37’2″X40′ square feet area the total plot area of the house is 4000 sq ft but the built-up area of this house is 1400 sq ft.

Let’s discussed about overall details of this simple west facing home plan, In this single-floor house plan, 3 Bedrooms are provided so we can call it a 3BHK home plan also.


1400 sq ft west facing house plan with 3 bedrooms, car parking, and garden:

West facing house plan in 1400 sq ft

Starting from the verandah, a 6 X 9 sq ft foyer is made to enter in the large living hall. Checkout pop design for hall is given in an 18’4″X11’6″ sq ft area. The left side of the living hall 5 feet wide sit-out area is made.

In this 3BHK house plan, adjacent to the living hall, staircases are provided which are inside the home so we can say it is a duplex house plan if the first-floor plan will be made above it. Near to the staircase, Dining is provided, and next to this open kitchen is made.

This whole kitchen + dining area is given in 8’8″X15’10” sq ft space. In this single floor villa plan, besides the kitchen small 5’X7′ sq ft storeroom is also given.

Now let’s discussed the all bedrooms. In this 35X40 sq ft home plan, Beside the storeroom, 12’X11′ sq ft master bedroom is provided with wardrobe space and a 4’X8′ attached sanitary area ( Toilet and Bath).

This master bedroom has 3 feet wide balcony with a french window at the left of it.

In this 1400 sq ft home plan, the left side of the foyer, again the same size master bedroom is provided with an attached toilet bathroom.

Also on the left side, this bedroom has the same 3 feet wide balcony. Again right side of the foyer same master bedroom is given with the same dimensions.

To this bedroom, a 4 feet wide balcony is also provided on the foremost side. A french Window is provided to this for the modern look.

This 3 bedroom home plan is fully ventilated from all four sides. A required side space is left for ventilation purposes. This is the west-facing home plan. The remaining 45X50 sq ft space is left in this 4000 sq ft plot area for the garden and parking purposes.

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